July 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS, news?

WORDS BY   Mariano Cecowski

POSTED IN   google | chrome | internet | mobile | OS | instant-on | splashtop | presto | fast-boot

So you’ve probably heard that Google is launching its own Operating System, based on the Chrome web browser, a custom windowing system, and the Linux kernel, that will “start up and get you onto the web in a few seconds”.

Now, Fedora, Moblin, gOS Cloud and other Linux distributions are already booting under 15 seconds, providing the full Linux desktop experience, not just a “browser OS”, and the underlying security of Linux.

What’s more, how about the instant-on Linux solutions we already know? SplashTop, Presto and even DELL’s Latitude ON? These boot really fast, and provide a lot more functionality than just a Browser.

Take for instance Presto, it not only has FireFox 3 (we’ll not get into comparisons with Chrome here), Pidgin and even Skype already pre-installed. And you can even install more applications to your HD or SSD: Java, Gimp, Blender, OpenOffice, even Google’s Picasa!! Am I supposed to use a Browser based CD burner, Google?

Google claims to build its OS from a security point of view, but Linuxes have already a pretty good base, and the instant-on versions, being coded in the BIOS instant-on Linuxes, are already the most secure PC OS you can get.

Will users settle for less (No VoIP, native applications, etc.) when they can get more?

It surely didn’t work with Chrome (No extensions, little features).

Will be Google able to push this new Google OS, or will it have only a very limited success as the Chrome browser has had because of the limited possibilities?

As always, time and people will tell.